The December 2018 Visa Bulletin has been released. USCIS is again using the “Dates for Filing” chart to determine the availability of visas.

The EB-1 category has immigrant visas (green cards) available for foreign nationals of all countries with priority dates of June 1, 2018 with the exception of China and India (priority dates: October 1, 2017). It should be noted that this represents no movement since last month. All EB-2 category foreign nationals will have current priority dates except for nationals of China (priority date: September 8, 2015) and India (priority date: May 22, 2009). EB-3 category foreign nationals have current priority dates with the exception again of China (priority date: December 1, 2015), India (priority date: January 1, 2010) and the Philippines (priority date: August 1, 2017).

The F1 category (unmarried sons and daughters of U.S. citizens) remains relatively stagnant with a priority date of March 8, 2012 except for those with chargeability to Mexico which is at April 22, 1999 and the Philippines which is at February 15, 2008. The F2A category (spouses and children under 21 of lawful permanent residents) priority date is December 1, 2017 across all areas of chargeability. This represents no movement from last month. Despite a movement forward of about one year, the longest queue remains with the Philippines in the F4 category (brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens) with a priority date of April 22, 1997.

As seen this month, cut-off dates on the Visa Bulletin do not always progress forward in time. A visa retrogression can occur when more people apply for a visa in a particular category or from a particular country than there are visas available for that month. Retrogression typically occurs toward the end of the fiscal year as visa issuance approaches the annual category or per-country limitations.

The December Visa Bulletin can be accessed via the Department of State website:


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