L-1A and L-1B — Multinational Transferees

The L-1 classifications are designed for multinational corporations seeking to transfer key specialized knowledge (L-1B), managerial and executive (L-1A) employees from their foreign affiliates, parents or subsidiaries to the United States. L-1 classifications offer numerous advantages to employers compared to H-1B classification. Most importantly, L-1s are not subject to an annual limit, and L-1 employers are not subject to the prevailing wage and other Labor Condition Applications (LCAs) requirements associated with H-1Bs and other classifications. Additionally, large multinational corporations often qualify for L-1 Blanket classification which allows the transfer of employees without filing individual petitions with the USCIS.

We prepare L-1 petitions for all types and sizes of companies, and have expertise dealing with complex issues that arise in connection with L-1 classification where companies merge or are acquired, or face similar corporate restructuring. We are also experienced in establishing L-1 qualification for foreign-based companies seeking to setup their first office in the United States. We have established L-1 Blanket qualification for numerous large corporate clients

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