We provide practical advice to help clients achieve their goals at an economical price. Attracting and retaining the most talented workforce is critical to the success of businesses competing in the most dynamic sectors of the global economy.

Often times, the individuals most capable of contributing to your success require immigration sponsorship to work in the United States. In the face of increasingly restrictive US immigration laws and policies, the importance of securing accurate and responsive immigration counsel, and creative immigration solutions can hardly be overstated.

We focus on understanding our clients’ individual needs, and provide immigration services to meet these needs with speed, accuracy, responsiveness, and creativity.

Speed. Securing the appropriate US immigration status quickly for a key employee can mean the difference between success and failure for some companies, and millions of dollars in lost revenue for others. We understand the importance of speed, and prepare all petitions or applications for new hire employees within a short timeframe of receiving the required information and documentation. If any information or documentation needed to prepare the petition is missing, we let our clients know right away.

Accuracy. Business immigration law is increasingly complex and frequently changing. Understanding the statute and regulations is not sufficient. Unfamiliarity with the unwritten practices at one of the many government bodies involved in business immigration can have serious repercussions for key employees, and the companies that employ them. Our work product is prepared by a highly experienced team of professionals, and thoroughly reviewed by an immigration attorney with years of experience representing companies that range from small start-ups, to some of the world’s largest multinational corporations.

Responsiveness. Quickly responding to our client’s inquiries are at the heart of our individualized approach to business immigration law. We fully understand the importance of resolving the immigration aspects of important decisions quickly.

Creativity. Our services are not only about “filing visa paperwork.” Indeed, preparing and filing immigration petitions and applications is only a small part of our services. We seek to understand the business needs of our clients and help find the most efficient, cost-effective and farsighted approach for each individual case.


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